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Kintsugi workshop in Japan


What is Kintsugi?

 ”Kintsugi” is a repair technique that repairs damaged parts such as cracks, chips, and cracks with metal powder such as gold. The culture of valuing things, which has been passed down in Japan since ancient times, is attracting attention from all over the world.



MUJI Shinjuku 

 Kintsugi repair service

 MUJI Shinjuku will reopen in September 2021 after renovations, becoming a flagship store specializing in products, services, and art that focus on environmental and social issues. Kintsugi repair requests are due to a business partnership with the refurbishment business by “Tsugutsugu”.

 Kintsugi requests are accepted by bringing a broken vessel and filling out an application form. Tsugutsugu picks up the pottery requested to be brought in, repairs the kintsugi, and returns it to the client. If you want to know your item is repairable or not, you can get a rough estimate in advance by attaching a photo of the vessel to an e-mail instead of bringing it to the store.





Tsugu Tsugu

 Kintsugi repair service | Kintsugi class | Kintsugi online class

 Tsugutsugu is a Kintsugi classroom and restoration workshop in Ebisu and Asakusa. You can take a kintsugi course where you can learn all the processes of kintsugi, which has about 6 lessons, and a trial class where you can experience the final finishing process. They also have online classes, where you can purchase a special kit in advance, make an appointment, and restore your item.

 At Tsugu Tsugu, you can have damaged pieces of ceramic repaired by professionals. Your item to be restored can be shipped or brought directly to the studio.





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